What rich men look for in a woman

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You can also consider sugar daddy websites. Categorised in: Uncategorized. They reason that if both partners are professionals, the home and family are sure to be neglected — a condition that is simply not worth the extra money that their wives might bring from their professions.

What rich men look for in a woman [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

So Girls, to turn your fantasy of a rich man taking you on long holidays on a private island or gifting you with the luxuries of life, here are few things you need to work on and imbibe to get things going:. Exude confidence: The foremost quality that any man and particularly the rich ones look for in a woman is self-confidence.

Someone who is confident of who she is and what she wants from life is a biggest turn on for men than anything else. Show intelligence: A woman who is just pretty and has nothing good to say when she opens her mouth is the biggest turn off.


This is even worse when you are not only looking for a wealthy man but a millionaire. The perhaps only silver lining is that even millionaires have a taste for particular qualities in a woman.

Motherly skills It is paradoxical that, even with erosion of culture, most men contain their desire for a woman with homemaking skills. Wealthy men are looking for a woman who can put to good use his extensive income. This is a very important quality, especially for men willing to settle down and start a family.

Independence A common trait in millionaires is the love of competition. Since independent women are naturally hard to get without having to fake it, wealthy guys take it as a challenge on their competitive skills. Additionally, millionaires are looking for someone who can make sensitive decisions on their own.

7 qualities millionaires look for in a woman – what you need to date a wealthy man

Independent women are known to go against the normally-accepted truths and laws. Ability to bond with societies These are the women who never get wasted during a party where everyone else is lying on the floor. They are the women who tend to blend in with whatever part of the world they are introduced to.

Women like this have a taste for a wide variety of cultural events, not to mention their love for things like art, elegant designs, fashion trends and such. Maybe you are a kindergarten teacher who everyone trusts with their child. Millionaires are looking for a woman who can excel in a task that requires some intelligent input with some boundaries.

The Surprising Type Of Women Rich Men Like To Date

All the same, there are some fields in which millionaires are more likely to focus their search on. Such include charity events, hospitality industry, the media industry, banks and such.

According to proponents of traditional gender roles, this division of labor is actually more beneficial for financial prosperity since it leaves the man unburdened with family obligations and thus free to work to his full economic potential.

This is the same logic underlined by many millionaires around the world who are looking for home-makers as their wives.

What Do Rich Men Really Want to See in a Woman

They reason that if both partners are professionals, the home and family are sure to be neglected — a condition that is simply not worth the extra money that their wives might bring from their professions. Since with millionaires, resources are not a problem and they do not need an extra earning member, they are interested in having partners who can look after the home and family, so that every aspect of their lives are well taken care of.

So more than division of labor, the reason why many millionaires prefer home-makers as wives is probably because they would like to avoid any chances of ego clashes at home. When both partners jehovah witness room involved in high-pressure jobs, some amount of stress is sure to be brought home which in turn may give rise to ugly fights.

Questions about what rich men look for in a woman is going to give personal attention to the kids or supervise arrangements for what rich men look for in a woman forthcoming dinner party are likely to get hackles raised, with neither partner willing to back down.

In order to avoid such a scenario, highly successful men often feel it is better to marry women with whom there is no possibility of clashing egos or professional commitments.

The ability to carry out social duties In most cases, millionaires have a philanthropic side as well — rich entrepreneurs, heirs and politicians are often conscious about giving back to the community which is why they are often associated with non-profits and charities. However their business or professional commitments are unlikely to leave them with enough time or scope to look into these philanthropic activities which then their wives being home-makers, take over.

Gorgeous looks Rich men can afford to indulge their most expensive indulgences and this often extends to their tastes in women. Physical beauty and sensuality are thus one of the most common traits in women that attract rich male partners. With killer looks, gorgeous hair and a model-like figure, such women are most often seen gracing the arms of rich and famous men.


If you too wish to take your chances with a rich suitor, keep in mind that even being an arm-candy involves loads of time and investment into maintaining your looks.

But then if you play your cards right, you can graduate from a date to trophy wife and live a life of glitz, glamour and opulence — lots of it. Youthful effervescence A slight variation of the trophy wife is the woman who never quite grew up. It is true that all men like good-looking women. But in the long term, your intelligence will keep your rich man!

What Rich Men Want in a Woman

That means a rich man will be impressed if he hears something really smart from a pretty woman, because in this day and age, these two qualities rarely come together: fascinating beauty and phenomenal intelligence. But it does mean you should keep educating yourself either by reading more books or learning some other practical skills in your spare time.

Once you have understood the importance of lifelong learning, rich men will cherish you even more.

What rich men look for in a woman [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)