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Although she tries many methods, none of them have the effect on him she desires Continue Reading. In the story, there is a human versus human conflict. What does the grandmother's use of the term p ickaninny say about her and the time period in "A Good Man Is Hard to Find"? Her time in the South includes an ugly period in American history. Whenever something doesn't go her way she wants she isn't pleased.

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Often a person android chat room apps free hide behind his or her religion as a justification for essay questions for a good man is hard to find actions made in every day life.

Perhaps some people may decide that commiting enough positive actions can some how cancel out their negative actions, allowing them to consider themselves a righteous person. In Flannery O'Connors. Both of the stories gave me vivid pictures of what most family members acted like personality wise. However, I find that I sympathize more for the Clutter family for many reasons. The very obnoxious grandmother talks a lot trying.

In this paper I will summarize the story, and discuss the irony of the story and the morality and religion in the story. The family, Bailey, his wife, three children and his mother, are set to go on vacation to Florida. Racism Examples. Retrieved 20 October The grandmother is racist because she is a Southern white old woman who does not like as she called them "Negros. Without a specific location of long-term concentration, this story finds three generations of a family taking a vacation planning at least to Florida despite objections from the grandmother.

Factor in her impatient son Baileyhis wife, and two. Tolstoy will be used to examine the use Christian symbolism. Nietzsche will provide a more well-rounded universal conclusion to the uses of tragedy and. Devona Hogan English Profess. They will eventually agree to head for Florida, once in the car the family will go through a series of events that will shapen each indivudal character.

The family that the story surrounds has planned a trip to Florida for a family vacation. Knowing but unconcerned about the criminal at large, also known as the Misfit, the family voyages onward towards their destination until the trip is abruptly stopped by a totally. Mark T. In this short horror story, a family consisting of a grandmother, father, mother, two young children and a baby, adventure down to Florida where their vacation takes a bitter turn.

While taking a hasty detour, the family bumps into the criminal, the Misfit, and is brutally murdered on the spot. When first reading the title I thought it was just going to be a short stroy about someone giving a single, female advice but it was the furthest thing from that. After reading the story, we fully learn that the title is a line in the story from a conversation had between the grandmother and Red Sammy.


This line was said because they were talking about how its hard to find loyal people anymore nowadays. Throughout the entire story, The Misfit is portrayed as the symbol of evil because he was in jail; he escaped from jail, and he committed murders.

The conventional. Using Blackburn's theory of compatabilism and comparing it to the characters in Flannery O'Conner's short story "A Good man is hard to find" one notices that one can never tell what their choices may bring. Blackburn writes about the most ridiculous human decisions and relishes the choices that are made. Blackburn would like the grandmother in the O'Conner story and her demeanor.


The grandmother who does not want to take the vacation in Florida is persuading the family. She has read about a crazed killer by the name of the Misfit, who is on the run, heading for Florida. The mambas of her family ignore the grandmother.

On the day of the trip, ironically, the grandmother is dressed in her Sunday best. She is decked in white gloves and navy. When first read, A Good Man is Hard to Find, the reader does not value the importance of the grandmother charter and her warning. She is thought to just be a rambling, nagging old lady. Even the grandmother does not realize the importance of what she is saying.

The grandmother. The Grandmother perceives herself as a moralistically good character though her actions deem to create a downfall for the family. On the other hand the misfit is targeted at the audience as an evil character who is a cold-blooded.

Discuss the way the family members are characterized and the way they affect the reader's perceptions of the grandmother. Is the grandmother more or less Sympathetic than the other members of her family? O'Connor essay questions for a good man is hard to find in an essay that not only is The Misfit more intelligent than the grandmother, but his "capacity for Grace" is greater than hers.

Do you agree and why or why not? In Flannery O'Connor we find another key figure: the one of the prophet, the marginal, the one that is different from "brave people" and as such is the theme of "grotesque".

Understanding "A Good Man is Hard to Find"

The "grotesque" in Flannery O'Connor is one of the topics most discussed by literary critics. At first she doesn't want to go to Florida she want's to visit her relatives in Tennessee. We also learn she is manipulative when she tries to change Bailey's her son mind.

A Good Man is Hard to Find

Whenever something doesn't go her way she wants she isn't pleased. She uses the story of the Misfit to scare the family so that they would go to Tennessee. Something else the grandmother says about herself in. Bailey, his wife, and their children, John Wesley, June Star, and a baby boy, are all looking forward to a trip to Florida. She comes off as pushy, controlling….

Some things in the story jump right out at you, while other things need to be dissected in order for the deeper meaning to be clear.


The foreshadowing is shown through various parts of the story. One of the first indications was when the grandma was the first one to go in the car despite what she said the day before. To me it seems like she was…. In the story, there is a human versus human conflict. The grandmother constantly compares her…. This paper will focus on one specific character in the text and this is [For example,] the grandmother who undertakes to convince her son, Bailey, and his wife to take their family to a vacation in East Tennessee rather than Florida.

The story revolves around the mistakes of the grandmother…. Essays Essays FlashCards.

A Good Man Is Hard to Find. Questions Essay

Browse Essays. Questions Essay. Questions Essay Words Aug 3rd, 4 Pages. A rather average grandmother, with her share of human faults? A positively lovely lady? Does she remind you of other people you know?

Are any of O'Connor's characters sympathetic? Is the grandmother sympathetic? The Misfit? Is the story hopeful or cynical? How do you feel at the end? Would he have done it anyway if he hadn't shot her first? Given how much of the story seems to center on the grandmother and The Misfit, what do we do with the other characters? Are they just there for show or comic relief? Can it be a hopeful story if they die?

How do you think The Misfit sees the grandmother throughout the story? By the end? How, if at all, does she affect him?

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