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Clear your history. Yes- No. The sprinklers are activated. She waves a rag in front of her face to dissipate the smoke coming from the kitchen. A search party is scouring the beach.

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But against the commands of his mentor, Tony Stark, Peter must go under the radar and investigate the mysterious new supervillain, The Vulture. Balancing everyday life as Peter Parker alongside being Spider-Man is a daunting task for The Wall Crawler and it starts taking its toll when Parker encounters a gang of underground thugs selling Chitauri-based weapons for a mysterious villain known as The Vulture. Following the Battle of New York, Adrian Toomes and his salvage company are contracted to clean up the city, but their operation is taken over by the Department of Damage Control D.

Enraged at being driven out of business, Toomes persuades his employees to keep the Chitauri technology they have already scavenged and use it to create and sell advanced weapons. Eight years later, Peter Parker is drafted into the Avengers by Stark to help with an internal dispute, but resumes his studies at the Midtown School of Science and Technology when Stark tells him he is not yet ready to become a full Avenger. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV spider man homecoming ned finds out on your phone or tablet!

IMDb More. Now, certain aspects of this don't really work out. For example—as Redditors explained in the comments—Tony was an engineer, not a biologist. However, Stark Enterprises had projects far and wide, meaning it's likely that Stark was somehow involved in science like this and could have helped develop a spider that bit Peter.

And, it's made clear in Captain America: Civil War that Parker was pretty messy with concealing his identity and could have been easily tracked by Stark. However, the core of the theory is interesting. He grabs a bottle of web fluid and lowers the lockers. Peter throws the bottle up in the air, and catches it again.

Peter is wearing normal clothes over his suit and lounging in his chair. Peter : Listen, I was wondering if you could help me.

I'm trying to figure out who the guys under the bridge were that night, but I mean, I can only kind of remember part of a license plate. Peter : on video Hey, everyone.

Yeah, kick-ass party. Hey, what's up, Liz? Peter's told me a lot about you. This is just me messing around. Go later in the day, later in the day. Peter : No, no, no, no, no, no. That's definitely That's definitely not what we wanted to watch. The footage shows three men from the arms deal that Peter was searching for. Karen : Chattanooga rooms individual identified.

Aaron Davis, age He has a criminal record and an address here in Queens. The spider drone follows him. As Aaron opens the trunk, Peter arrives in his spider man suit. Annoyed, Aaron stares at the spider drone. Peter : I'm not a girl! I'm a man. Spider man homecoming ned finds out on, man. Look, who is selling these weapons? I need to know. Give me names or else. He steps back and looks around in surprise. Aaron laughs. Peter : Look, man, these guys are selling weapons that are crazy dangerous.

Peter Parker's Personal Space Gets Invaded in New Spider-Man: Far From Home Image

They can't just be out on the streets. Look, if one of them can just cut Delmar's bodega in half Aaron : The other night, you told that dude, "if you shoot somebody, shoot me. I don't want those weapons in this neighborhood. I got a nephew who live here. Aaron : Other than he's a psychopath dressed like a demon, nothing.

I don't know who he is or where he is. Aaron : Yeah, this crazy dude I used to work with, he's supposed to be doing a deal with him. As the massive orange ferry pulls out of the dock, he takes a running leap and spreads his glider wings. He lands and hangs on the hull.

Incoming call from May Peter. Should I reroute to your heads-up display? Peter climbs up to the ferry roof. He crawls to the edge and peers free dating in pa at four men on the front deck. Karen : Mac Gargan. Extensive criminal record, including homicide. Would you like me to activate Instant Kill? It hovers over the truck and scans its contents.

Tony : My dad never really gave me a lot of support He then faces Peter, who is standing yards away on deck. Suddenly, agents come out of nowhere and aim at Peter.

Toomes flies toward the deck in his vulture suit. Agents shoot at him. Vulture hides behind spider man homecoming ned finds out large metal wings that protects him from the gunfire, then shoots at the agents. One blast hits an indoor seating area. Peter weighs Vulture with a car attached to his web. Dodging a blast, he leaps to the upper deck and shoots some more web. The flying man fires at Peter.

He swings back onto the deck. Vulture cuts the strands of web with the blades of his wings. On the deck, it bounces around wildly. Peter traps the weapon using lots spider man homecoming ned finds out spiderweb. The energy blast cuts through the upper seating area, narrowly missing frightened passengers.

In the air, Vulture dodges the blasts as they shoot into the sky. The rays slice through the length of the ferry, then vanish.

In the seating area, passengers move cautiously. In the cargo bay, jets of water start to split up the ferry. Peter : Oh, my god. What do I do? Karen, uh, give me an X-ray of the boat and target all the strongest points.

Ned Finds Out Peter is Spiderman - Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) Movie Clip HD

He dodges flames as he travels down the length of the ferry. Peter fires several strands of web and once, and binds them together with another strand. Reaching the bow, he crouches on spider man homecoming ned finds out edge of the roof. He eyes the two leaning halves of the ferry that are crisscrossed with spiderweb. People cling to posts as the stream rushes past them. On the upper level, passengers slide down the floor of the leaning ferry.

The gap widens as the web strands continue to snap. Peter leaps into the air. Arms outstretched, Peter hangs between the two sides, trying to hold them together. Drones arrive and attach themselves to the other half. Thrusters propel the two halves of the ferry forward and join them together. Peter climbs to the top platform of a mast and looks around. Smoke is pouring out from the massive vessel.

Rescue boats and helicopters approach from all directions. Schultz : Feds were waiting for us. You should, too. Peter is perching on the edge of a building, sans mask, when Iron Man flies over to him.

Instead, you hacked a multimillion-dollar suit so you could sneak around behind my back doing the one thing I told you not to do. Peter : Those weapons were out there, and I tried to tell you about it.

He steps down from the suit and marches toward Peter, who backs off. Tony : I did listen, kid. Who do you think called the FBI, huh? Do you know that I was the only one who believed in you? Everyone else said I was crazy to recruit a year-old kid.

Tony : No, this is where you zip it, all right? The adult is talking. What if somebody had died tonight? Different story, right? Tony : And I wanted you to be better.

God, I sound like my dad. He knocks on a door, which May answers. Then this ferry thing happens. May : You. Cut the bullshit. I know you left detention. I know you left the hotel room in Washington. I know you sneak out of this house every night. Just lay it out. Spider man homecoming ned finds out : I just thought that I could work really hard and he could, he would, anime girl games dating know.

But I screwed it up. So just try to keep your head straight, okay? Ned is waiting for him in the hallway.

Ned : Are you expelled? Do you have to go to that high school on 46th where the principal has a crossbow? Tilt up to find a homecoming banner hanging from the ceiling. He turns to find Michelle holding up a sketch of him with a sad expression. The clock is ticking. A hand holding a blue pen shoots into frame. Ned hands Peter the Palpatine figure, which Peter places on the top.

They do a secret handshake. Peter : Hey, look, I, uh I just wanted to apologize about the spider man homecoming ned finds out Decathlon thing.

"You're The Spider-Man... From YouTube!" Ned Finds Out - Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

I really. Last week, Decathlon was the most important thing, but then I almost died. Peter : No, I, I just mean that I like you. We see her turning to watch him go in the background. Peter picks out a dress shirt and tie, polishes his shoes, shakes his head spider man homecoming ned finds out front of a mirror. May prepares a pink ribbon corsage for him. Peter sprays a perfume in the air to test it, then grimaces at the scent.

May and Peter watch a YouTube video on how to tie a Windsor knot. Peter turns to May with a surprisingly passable Windsor knot; overlooking his lopsided shirt collar, that is. May cell phone apps him how to dance, then straightens his clothes.

He waits with a nervous look for the door to open. With Toomes on the other side. Toomes grins at him. Peter follows Toomes towards the kitchen.

Toomes : Because you look pale. You want something to drink? Like a bourbon or a scotch, or something like that? Doris : No, no, no, no, we have to take some pictures, babe.

Oh, right here. Peter puts on a tense grin for the photo, his eyes still glued on Toomes. Liz looks at herself through her phone camera, wearing the corsage Peter gave her, while Peter stares out the window.

Toomes : Just saying, you know. All you guys who go to that school, you pretty much have your spider man homecoming ned finds out planned out, right? I mean Because even the voice Outside, well-dressed teenagers are walking to the entrance decorated with colorful balloons. Close to the vest. I admire that. Toomes : Peter, nothing is more important than family. I could never forget something like that. Are you ready? You walk through those doors, you forget any of this happened.

Do you understand? Now, you go in there and you show my daughter a good time, okay? Just not too good. Toomes drives off. Peter enters the school. He stops and watches his friends through the glass doors. Party in full swing.

Spotting him, Ned waves and Michelle gives Peter the finger. A beat, then Peter pulls open the door. Liz is dancing with some of her friends. She turns to Peter when he approaches. Michelle watches him go, craning online dating usa canada neck. He lifts a row of lockers with one hand, picks up his homemade Spider-Man suit from under it.

As he is about to round a school bus, someone shocks him from behind. Peter searches for his web-shooter, which has fallen from the impact and is lying on the ground. Peter spots chewed gums under a seat. Peter tumbles as the vehicle lands upside down on the ground. Opening the door, Peter falls out. He slowly crawls to his web-shooter. Reveal Ned holding the web-shooter.


Peter : I know. I gotta tell Mr. Call Happy Hogan. And, uh, get a computer to track my phone for me. Ned takes it in the library, between rows of computers. Toomes is unaware. Ned tracks the signal. Only spider man homecoming ned finds out May in parking lots. This is a huge step up Ned : Weird.

Oh, I reached Mr. It sounded like he was catching a flight. He said something about taking off in nine minutes. Peter : Boxes? I gotta stop him! Happy : All right, wheels up in eight minutes. The car crashes into a streetlight and is almost overturned. It slides down the road on its side, then finally screeches to a stop. Peter hangs from his web and slowly descends into the building. The room is filled with computers and gadgets.

Toomes : You know, I gotta tell you, Pete, I really, really admire your grit. I see why Liz likes you. Toomes : How do you think your buddy Stark paid for that tower? Or any of his little toys? Those people, Pete, those people up there, the rich and the powerful, they do whatever they want.

We have to eat their table scraps. Toomes : Because I want you to understand. I needed a little time to get her airborne. In the confusion of the moment, Vulture cuts free from the web. The wing suit continues to attack Peter, but he avoids it with quick movements. The building collapses, its wreckage raining down on Peter and burying him. Vulture picks up a walkie-talkie. He pauses to stare at the Avengers Tower. His wing suit attaches itself on his back.

Reveal Peter under the debris, still alive. He panics and takes off his mask. Peter : Hello! Hey, hey, please. The Spider-Man mask in the puddle covers half the reflection, making it look as if Peter is wearing the Spider-Man mask on half his face. Peter : Come on, Peter. Come on, Spider-Man.

Come on, Spider-Man! He spots Vulture perching on top of a stripped billboard. Peter shoots his web and swings onto the billboard, but narrowly misses Vulture, who flies away. Spider-Man shoots his web directly at Vulture. Vulture goes after the plane. Peter bumps into the plane a few times, but manages to grab onto it.

Peter tries to follow Vulture, but loses his grip and almost falls off the plane. The cockpit is empty. Outside, we see a blown-up image of Spider-Man crawling down the plane. He must have been caught the cloaking cameras.

He approaches the wing suit and tries to open it. By the time the plane landed in VeniceItalyLeeds and Brant had decided to become a couple. This befuddled Parker. Leeds girl games dating Brant were inseparable as they explored Venice, but the day took an unexpected turn when a water monster burst through the Grand Canal and attacked the city.

As they ran away, Leeds worked to distract his classmates so they would not notice that Parker himself was fighting the monster. That evening at the Hotel DeMatteis, Leeds and his classmates tried to make sense of what they had just date rich uk. He found an online article that claimed a man named Morris Bench had recently gained water-related superpowers, but Jones didn't believe it.

In addition to the attack, the class was also interested in the strange new superhuman who defeated it. Mishearing the Italian news coverage that called the man "l'uomo di misterio", "man of mystery", Leeds and Brant coined the moniker "Mysterio". As Leeds and Parker got ready for bed, Leeds asked Parker what he planned to do if another monster attack happened. Spider man homecoming ned finds out asserted that "Mysterio" could handle the situation and he just wanted to continue to spend time with Jones.

Leeds supported his friend, and began liken Parker's situation to his own romance with Brant, but was cut off by an spider man homecoming ned finds out shot from an tranquilizer gun. When Ned awoke the next morning, Parker explained that Leeds had been tranquilized by the person he believed to be Nick Furywho wanted to recruit Parker to fight the next Elementalwhich was projected to strike soon in PragueCzech Republic.

Soon after, the chaperones announced that their itinerary had been reworked by the travel company to go to the Czech Republic. Parker quickly put together that the "travel representative" was actually working on Fury's behalf, effectively hijacking the class trip. Leeds found this spider man homecoming ned finds out very exciting. Leeds and Brant texted each other as they bussed through Austria, and with her took note of a pair of glasses Parker had recently acquired.

Leeds and the class were excited when they were told that they would be attending a regional festival while in Prague; a few hours later, this was changed to a four-hour opera. Leeds was the only student who tried to defend the idea.

Still, he was not sold on the idea and with Brant, he snuck out of the opera house to attend the carnival anyway. Brant what is a good gay dating app Leeds rode a Ferris wheel together when suddenly the fire Elemental struck.

Mysterio and Parker appeared on the scene to counter it, with Parker wearing a new spider-suit to keep him from being recognized. However, Brant quickly made a connection between the hero's powers and believed it was in fact Spider-Man. Leeds tried to cover for his friend, inventing the alias "Night Monkey" and claiming him to be a "European knock-off" of Spider-Man. When the monster approached the Ferris wheel and it became clear that they were in danger, Leeds reluctantly called for "Night Monkey" spider man homecoming ned finds out rescue him and Brant.

Horrified that their kids had been at the epicenters of two monster attacks, the students' families called for an immediate end to the trip. Leeds explained this to Parker when he eventually returned to the hotel. Parker asked Jones out on a walk through Prague for their final night in Europe.


When Leeds returned to their hotel suite, he found Parker wearing his stealth Spider-suit in front of Jones. He tried to cover for his friend by complimenting the "costume", but Parker and Jones explained that Jones knew about Parker's secret identity, that Mysterio was actually a villain who had been staging the Elemental attacks, and that Parker was on his way to BerlinGermany to warn "Fury", asking Leeds to cover for him by telling their chaperones that Parker would be visiting family in Berlin instead of flying back to the United States with the rest of the class.

Unknown to Leeds, Mysterio defeated Spider-Man in Berlin spider man homecoming ned finds out used a stolen information-gathering technology to redirect the Midtown Best dating sites for over 65 group to fly from Prague to LondonEnglandthe location of his fifth and final Elemental attack.

The sight of the Elemental Fusion tipped Jones off that Mysterio knew that she and Leeds were aware of the truth. To protect their classmates, Leeds and Jones spider man homecoming ned finds out off from the rest of the group, but were followed by Brant and Flash Thompson. The four teens soon met Happy Hoganwho introduced himself as an ally of Spider-Man's and worked to get the group to safety. However, the plan quickly fell apart as Hogan and the teens found themselves cornered in the Tower of London museum.

The group tried to fight back, but it soon became clear that they could not overpower Mysterio's drones. Believing his death to be imminent, Leeds confessed that he felt he'd wasted his life playing video games. However, the drones came to a sudden stop; elsewhere in the city, Spider-Man had defeated Mysterio.

Leeds and his classmates soon boarded a flight back to the United States, again sitting next to Brant while Parker sat beside Jones, now his girlfriend.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

During the flight, Brant and Leeds amicably agreed to end their relationship. When Parker learned of this upon landing in the United States, he remained confused. Ned Leeds is a highly intelligent science enthusiast, hacker, gamer, and geek, though he is also somewhat socially awkward, hence his close friendship with Peter Parker.

Leeds is strongly displeased with being spider man homecoming ned finds out school geek and wishes to become more popular. Initially, upon discovering that Parker is the Spider-ManLeeds wanted to use his friend's alter-ego for rather selfish needs such as making himself and Parker more popular by claiming that Spider-Man was their lets flirt friend.

Leeds was very excited that Parker is a superhero and immediately wanted to be his "guy in the chair". After realizing that criminals could've killed Parker multiple times he began to take the Spider-Man more seriously and genuinely wanted to help Parker capture the Vultureoffering support whenever he could.

Spider man homecoming ned finds out [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)