Best dog for a single guy

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Dogue De Bordeaux Their squat bodies and square heads make this breed look a bit silly, but they are anything but. Pro tip: if you find a border collie mix at a shelter they are perfect, they tend to lose some if their herding instinct. Be aware, this is a breed that needs constant exercise and work in order to truly thrive.

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Be aware, this is a breed that needs constant exercise and best dog for a single guy in order to truly thrive. Bernese Mountain Dog. They may look large and imposing, but make no mistake — the Bernese Mountain Dog is a true gentle giant! They love affection and attention, and in return offer dedication and love unlike anything else. This breed is rarely aggressive, their energy is more aptly channeled into fun playtime and sleepy cuddles when their energy is run off, making them perfect for families.

Black Russian Terrier. With their curly black coat and open faces, the Black Russian Terrier may seem like an ultra-friendly breed, but make no mistake. This breed was cultivated to be a guard dog, and they take their responsibilities seriously!

Like most guard dogs, they are very loyal to their families, but do not take kindly to strangers. A firm hand and early socialization is essential if you are considering this beautiful, loving dog. This well-known tracking and hunting breed have been around for a long time.

First bred over a thousand years ago, they still need a lot of exercise and a job to do in order to feel happy. Border Collie. Border Collies are very smart, and very industrious. However, during the day, this breed needs a large yard to run around in as well as one-on-one play time to get the stimulation they need. They are absolutely massive dogs, but also very gentle and loving.

They can be very protective of those they love, making them great guard dogs, but are never aggressive toward their families. They love pets and cuddles and have a belief that they are much smaller and therefore much more manageable than they are!

Chesapeake Bay Retriever. This quintessential American breed of dog is known for its clever, curious nature. They will get into absolutely anything if left to their own devices, meaning distractions and toys are a must for the Chesapeake Bay Retriever! Originally bred to hunt waterfowl, this breed is fantastic for families and makes a great companion for hikes and runs.

Doberman Pinscher.


Known for their athletic prowess and aggressive nature toward strangers, the Doberman Pinscher makes an excellent guard dog. However, the same loyalty that makes them defend their master also makes them amazing family dogs, provided they are trained and socialized early. They are very clever, so while training is essential, they pick up on cues and commands very easily.

Dogue De Bordeaux. Their squat bodies and square heads make this breed look a bit silly, but they are anything but. Much like the Bulldog, this French breed is very active and requires a lot of socialization.

16 Dog Breeds That Are Great For People Living The Single Life

They become despondent when on their own, so be sure to have a lot of free time play, run and introduce this breed to others. German Shepherd. Meet the German Shepherd, the granddaddy of them all when it comes to guard dog breeds for men.

When it comes to working dogs, few can match the intelligence and hardworking nature German Shepherds bring to the table.


German Shepherds are extremely loyal, not to mention, well-respected for their consistent excellence and performance in training. German Wirehaired Pointer. Like many pointers, this breed thrives on having work to do. If you are a hunter, the German Wirehaired Pointer is a perfect companion, known for sniffing out prey and helping their companion track.

If well-socialized, they can be very friendly, giving you a great way to meet new people. Lastly, they are easy to train and smart, so if you are looking for an active dog to do sports with, they are great for that too. Of course she made the list! Shop Now. Time left: - Shop Here. Written by Kristina Lotz. Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen. Called PBGVs for short, these low-to-the-ground scent hounds are great with children and like to play—two characteristics that distinguish them from most hounds.

Their strong hunting instincts tend to overshadow their interest in learning free dating search uk, though, so they require plenty of patience during training best dog for a single guy allow them to soak up scents with their noses.

They're also extremely gregarious and will treat every stranger as their new best friend. Chew on This The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen gets along well with other dogs because the breed is used to hunting in packs and living in close quarters. Know that they require a considerable amount of grooming, too. Great Dane.


Think of Great Danes as poung lap dogs. People-orientated gentle giants, they're fiercely loyal, protective, and intelligent. Because of their size and strength, they require excellent basic training—they can inadvertently knock over a child and, being the same height as most tables, can easily help themselves to your dinner. Despite their massive size, they can live in apartments, don't require large amounts of exercise, and tend to have low-energy personalities.

This is a mellow dog for mellow dudes. More and more owners are opting out of the painful procedure, however, and the English have already banned it.

Best Dogs For Single Men — What Makes a Good Dog For a Single Life?

Bernese Mountain Dog. An ideal dog for family men, Bernese mountain dogs are gentle, patient, and playful. In other words, they'll tolerate kids who want to climb all over them. Their energy levels and exercise requirement are middle of the road compared to other breeds, and they're quick to learn, which makes them exceptionally easy to train. Because of their double coats, "Berners" shed, need regular grooming, and prefer cooler climates.

They are also very loyal and very good friends. The Parson Russell Terrier is excitable, stubborn and independent, which make this breed suitable for more experienced dog owners rather than for beginners. Although they have a high energy level and will participate in every activity you attempt, they are smaller breed and can tolerate living in apartments.

Parson Russell Terrier has short hair and requires low maintenance, square torso, and longer legs. With their big personality in a small package, they can very quick become your partners in crime. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are good looking and spirited breeds that in the past were used to hunt large animals in South Africa.

Because men love looking tough, the fact makes Rhodesian Ridgeback an excellent companion for single men. Thanks to the loyal nature and attention to intruders in secluded areas, this breed is popular among those who enjoy camping and hiking. Even though they have territorial type of behavior, they dating contact number definitely guard all your personal stuff when you will not be around.

French Bulldogs are last, but not least, the breed of dog that is suitable in more urban conditions. Unlike some other breeds of small dogs, French Bulldogs are very relaxed and do love to grunt. Although, when it comes to best dog for a single guy they can be little stubborn. Other than all these excellent breeds, there are a lot of dogs that are not purebred best dog for a single guy are also an equally good choice for single men.

Instead of buying a purebred dog, you can adopt a fantastic companion at your local shelter. If you are patient enough and willing to help, all shelter dogs can also be trained beyond their issues. They may not be as wonderful as some breed dogs, but they are also looking for a friend to share their love with. So, leave all those labels and breeds if you are considering rescue a dog; just focus on the traits of your future soulmate.

No matter what the others say, any of those breeds may be the best breed for you. It depends on what you expect from this dog, hunting partner, companionship, protection or just a best friend to play with. Whenever you really desire a tiny toy breed like Chihuahua, that is your choice and there is nothing unmanly about it either. Have you wooed a lovely lady with the help of a canine wingman? Have you determined that boxers are a little too energetic for your lifestyle, or English bulldogs are a bit too boring?

Ben is the senior content editor for K9 of Mine and has spent most of his adult life working as best dog for a single guy wildlife educator and animal-care cabi skirt. I had a poodle.

He was my best friend for 13 years. He was always happy and waiting for me. As u lnow,grooming is a must. Every six weeks. We traveled the world,he saved my life three times and I did everything I could to save his when he came up with cancer. I spent over 10, to help him. And to know that he was comfortable right to the end. I will miss him till the day I am gone.

Because I was his…rip. Looks like these are breeds for those who feel best dog for a single guy need to compensate. She is a very manageable 40 lbs, and I adore her. PROS: Faithful, friendly to me, snugly, very watchful, easily house-trained, and short haired. Please go to the shelters first…….

One of the best breeds for any dude. It will need daily excerise but nothing crazy. Had my first for 15 years. Truly was my best friend. Pro tip: if you find a border collie mix at a shelter they are perfect, they tend to lose some if their herding instinct. Mine was a husky mix and the best ever.

Best dog for a single guy [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)