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Janet pretended to have been kidnapped over the phone, while Jack spoke with Stuart in a restaurant. Bound in chains aboard the Valiant, the thing that kept Jack going during the year of hell was the thought of getting back to his Torchwood team. Also in September, Jack's past returned to haunt him when the , in need of more subjects for their drug production, once more contacted humanity by using the children of Earth as a collective mouthpiece. Barrowman also reprised the role for guest appearances in Doctor Who in its series and series , as well as the two-part special The End of Time. Somehow, however, this never happened, and they lost touch with one another.

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Then she meets a quirky, tall, good-looking medical student with great hair who has a penchant for rambling and a lot of energy, and a friendship or something more blooms. An unstoppable force meets an immovable object; or what happens when Jack Harkness flirts with Voltron's most oblivious Paladin. Jack Harkness finds himself at the Watson-Morstan wedding in a whole different universe, wondering what the night and his future might have jack harkness flirting store for him.

Jack is taking a prolonged vacation from Torchwood not sure where to go next. He visits a religious ceremony and meets a Doctor. Exhausted after a long battle against demons, Castiel is powerless to fight back when a mysterious man in a trenchcoat kidnaps him.

Ianto Jones est un agent de Torchwood. Mais Ianto est tellement plus. Bien plus. Donna Temple-Noble is turning 40 today, and she always gets a mysterious present on her birthday from someone she doesn't remember. Not necessary to read previous works in series before reading this one - usually do a quick recap in the opening chap Jack turns up on the TARDIS after realising he couldn't let Ianto and The Doctor go off and have all the fun without him.

However, instead of making sure Ianto and The Doctor don't get in jack harkness flirting without him, Jack lands them in a sticky situation when they run across someone from his past. Jack owes the High Empress of Orilon, and she's jack harkness flirting letting them go anywhere until she gets her due The Doctor needs to get this situation sorted out so they can get on with the real issue of finding a way to get the jack harkness flirting removed from Ianto's brain and stop the Timeless before how do dating scams work can achieve their goal of immortality.

If only Jack Harkness and his uncontrollable flirting would stop getting them into trouble. Sam, Dean, and Cas are enjoying a relatively peaceful time in the bunker when suddenly a strange man appears in a bright flash of light, along with his strange object. He convinces them to help him, but when things don't go as smoothly as they thought it would, they have to wait entire minutes while the Doctor thinks up a way to fix what went wrong.

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Although Jack was a Torchwood agent at the time, he was still considered a freelance operative rather than a full-time employee. On several occasions during the sJack visited the Powell Estate to watch Rose Tyler grow up, but did not approach her to avoid disrupting her timeline. Around ChristmasJack dropped a truck on the Millenium Bug. On New Year's DayJack, now a full-time agent for Torchwood Three, suffered a major emotional blow when one of his colleagues, Alex Hopkinssuffered a nervous breakdown and killed the entire Torchwood Jack harkness flirting staff.

Knowing Jack couldn't die, he did not attempt to kill Jack and waited for him to arrive at the Hub before committing suicide. As the only surviving member of Torchwood Three, he spent the next few years recruiting new members. After taking over, Jack found two people the Rift had taken and later returned to Cardiff inside the vaults.

He established an institution for them on Flat Holm Island, and told the carers there that they, and others that came through, were date rich women uk gone wrong.

TV : Adrift. Over several years Jack rebuilt his decimated organisation. At some stage, Suzie Costellohis second-in-command, joined the team. Jack was present in the Hub on 26 March when it was temporarily frozen in a time bubble for a day by Torchwood One 's Rajesh Singh so that director Yvonne Hartman could procure a Drahvin scanner from the Hub unhindered. Yvonne observed the frozen Jack, noting this was the first time they had met, though he was unable to notice her. She jack harkness flirting that his photographs did not do him justice.

Understanding that Jack did not work "for Queen and Country", Yvonne regarded him as a liability and "not Torchwood" and would soon after arrange for the new Lord Mayor of CardiffBarry Jacksonto inform her when the Doctor appeared in Cardiff, knowing that Jack would not. Jack later went to observe, from a distance, Owen standing by Katie's grave following her funeral.

He was seen best online dating sites ontario Owen, who angrily rushed towards and attacked him before breaking down in his arms.

After Owen calmed down, Jack offered Owen a job with Torchwood Three, so he could save people and find purpose without Katie. Owen reluctantly accepted. Jack's activities at the time of the Blaidd Drwg incident in Cardiff in Septemberwhich involved Jack's younger, mortal self, TV : Boom Town included keeping the entire Torchwood team on lockdown in the Hub, to prevent them from seeing his younger self, and vice versa.

Bythere was a half dozen of them left. He later told the Tenth Doctor that he did this in the Doctor's honour. During this time, Jack held on to the hope of re-establishing contact with the Doctor, who he believed could help him. TV : Utopia He kept the hand in a portable container in Torchwood Three's nerve centre, the Hub, and treated it as a prized possession, much to the occasional consternation of his colleagues. The team had been testing the resurrection gauntlet on a series of murders which unknown to Jack were committed by Suzie to make her understand the glove further.

At a hospitalhe helped capture a Weevil. Police Constable Gwen Cooper began investigating Jack and followed him from the hospital to Torchwood. He showed her around the Hub, then laced a drink with retcon to make her forget about everything. After Suzie was exposed as a serial murderer, she tried escaping by shooting Jack, but when he revived, she shot herself. Jack recruited Gwen, whose memories had resurfaced, as Torchwood's newest member.

Gwen became the only person on the team who knew of Jack harkness flirting immortality. TV : Everything Changes. Jack chased after a meteorite containing the sex gas creature, where Gwen had accidentally released it. He tricked the gas creature into leaving Carys Fletcher and entering the Torchwood portable prison cell.

The entity was poisoned by Earth 's atmosphere and died. TV : Day One. As Gwen was a "beat cop", and untrained in firearms, Jack trained her to protect herself. Jack helped Gwen and Owen capture a quantum transducer Bernie Harris had been carrying. He later confiscated the alien artefacts Bernie had been trying to sell.

He failed to prevent the death of Ed Morgan Gwen indirectly foresaw with the transducer. Jack then ordered the transducer locked away. TV : Ghost Machine.

Jack and the others managed to bypass the Hub's lockdown and escape, but Ianto rushed back for his girlfriend. After Lisa had placed her brain inside the body of another human, the rest of the jack harkness flirting had no choice but to kill her.

TV : Cyberwoman. Jack re-encountered the same fairies that had jack harkness flirting his men in Lahore. He saw them kill Estelle Cole and he prevented Gwen from stopping Jasmine Piercetheir new Chosen Onefrom joining their ranks as they could have destroyed the Earth. The Torchwood team travelled to the Welsh countryside to investigate a series of gruesome murders.

The Torchwood SUV was stolen by a group of cannibals that harvested travellers once every ten years. The jack harkness flirting followed the cannibals to their village, jack harkness flirting. Right as his team were captured, Jack stepped in and incapacitated the cannibals. The cannibals were arrested by the police. TV : Countrycide. The Torchwood team discovered a teleporter buried in the ground for two hundred years, alongside a corpse of a soldier with his heart ripped out.

An Arcateenian called Mary threatened Tosh's life, demanding her transporter back. Jack reprogrammed Mary's teleporter as he handed it back and she was teleported straight into the Sun.

TV : Greeks Bearing Gifts. Jack asked Ianto how he was after Lisa's death and took him on a weevil hunt. Ianto tried to get closer with Jack. The two investigated a Scorchie infestation at the Millennium Centre.

After stopping an alien possessed poodle Jack asked Ianto how he was feeling. He was investigating rift activity in Radyr when he encountered Ianto in a pub, who was investigating missing people that had a connection with Radyr. Jack knew what the Saviour was and that his race were a slave traders. Ianto pushed him into the rift which the Saviour had opened.

Ianto then regretted his decision and went to retrieve him from the camp. Jack decided to investigate the conspiracy theorist George Wilson who talked about the Committee. He posed as an investigator for Plexus Magazine to attend one of Wilson's conferences where he met by accident with Sam Hallett who recognised him.

"Jack Harkness"

He managed to get an interview from Kate Wilson with her father. He learnt about the different phases that George believed the Committee was arranging. He then spent his time looking through video footage of George learning more about him. During his research he was contacted by Sam and Jack was forced to watch Sam commit suicide. He went to Wilson to find out why Sam was killed. Jack learnt what Wilson had made it all up, though Jack knew some of it was true. He found out that Kate was a member of the Committee and that they knew all about him.

Kate told him that she was feeding enough information to George to make the humans believe the conspiracy and that they were doing this to make the humans complacent. Jack decided to investigate Neil Redmond in relation to his doppelganger NJ. He was still investigating the Committee by this point and thought that the accident might be due to the Committee.

He also investigated Neil's crash. He traced mysterious things following the accident. He discovered that Trent had given him the idea to have a doppelganger. He told Neil that his actions had cost a lot of people their lives. Neil detailed how he got the robot to take over his operations and his social life, but he started to resent him. Jack informed Neil that NJ was going rogue and dealing with terrorists.

He later met with NJ who tried to seduce him and succeeded. After having sex with NJ he told Neil to shut him down but this didn't work. NJ attacked Jack after this and killed him. After Jack came back to life he managed to destroy NJ, but not before NJ confirmed that he was made by the Committee and that the Committee weren't invading the Earth, they were invited. While investigating a murder case with Suzie's involvement, Gwen revived Suzie using the jack harkness flirting gauntlet, and started having her life drained by the constant link the gauntlet maintained between them.

After shooting her achieved nothing, Jack ordered Tosh to destroy the gauntlet, killing Suzie and saving Gwen's life. He befriended John, as he was also a man out of his own time.

As John had nothing left to live for, he committed suicide. Unable dating website chat room convince John to continue living, Jack held his hand as the car fumes overwhelmed John.

TV : Out of Time. At some point during this time, Jack was kidnapped and Gwen searched for him. The Three Families then captured Gwen and transported them to Chernobylwhere they extracted blood samples from Jack, and used retcon gas to remove his and Gwen's memories of the event. Jack harkness flirting event would prove significant later. Owen chastised Jack for saving him, saying that he felt "totally at peace".

TV : Combat. Tosh and Jack investigated music from the s playing from the Ritz. The Rift brought them back towhere they met Jack's namesake. Jack bonded with the real Jack over war stories and inadvertently complicated his relationship with Nancy Floyd. The two Jacks had a brief romance. The opening of the Rift brought diseases and people across time and space. Jack was forced to dismiss Owen. Owen later returned and shot Jack; through Bilis Manger 's manipulations, Owen re-opened the Rift to send everything back.

Jack resurrected and the rest of his team learnt of his immortality. After the Rift was opened, Jack was forced to confront Abaddon. Abbadon was destroyed while attempting to leech Jack's life, though the exertion resulted in Jack remaining dead for days, his immortality apparently unable to save him.

He was brought back to life after a kiss from Gwen. A short while after his resurrection, Jack noticed the Doctor's hand begin to glow. From inside of the Hub, Jack recognised the sound of the TARDIS materialising, elated, after decades of waiting, by the knowledge that the young cartomancer's prophecy had been fulfilled and that a version of the Doctor he knew was returning to refuel.

By the time jack harkness flirting rest of the Torchwood team arrived to investigate the sound, Jack had gone. TV : End of Days. Character pages are not the place for plot date rich uk. A brief sentence summary per story is all that is needed. Rushing to where it was parked, he managed to jump onto the ship before it dematerialised, clinging on as it travelled through the time vortex to the year ,, Jack harkness flirting Doctor and Jack had an awkward reunion, owing both to the Doctor's regeneration into his tenth incarnation since they last met and the fact the Ninth Doctor had abandoned him on Satellite Five.

Before long the Doctor admitted that he had run from Jack because his unique nature as a living temporal anomaly made the Time Lord physically uncomfortable when near him — even looking at Jack was an effort.

Jack made the happy discovery, though, that Rose had not been killed in the Battle of Canary Wharf as he had believed. They met and helped Professor Yana to repair a spaceship in order to help the last chat room builder in the universe reach Utopia. Jack, Martha and the Doctor in hiding.

TV : The Sound of Drums. After the Doctor fixed Jack's vortex manipulatorthe trio used it to escape the Futurekind and travel back towhere they discovered the Master, using the alias "Harold Saxon", jack harkness flirting, had been elected Great Britain 's Prime Minister. He framed them for terrorism, planting explosives in Martha's flat. He also made sure that Jack couldn't get help from his Torchwood team by sending them to the Himalayas jack harkness flirting a wild goose chase".

With nowhere to go, Jack, the Doctor and Martha went on the run. After failing to foil the Master's plot, the Master summoned the Toclafanewhom he ordered to assassinate US President Arthur Wintersattack the Earth, and decimate the population. He then killed Jack and aged the Doctor with his laser screwdriver. TV : The Sound of Drums As the Toclafane began slaughtering the population, Jack, realising they couldn't stop the Master, told Martha to escape using his vortex manipulator.

Being kept prisoner aboard the Valiant for a yearJack, the Jack harkness flirting and the Jones family witnessed the Master and the Toclafane jack harkness flirting Earth's civilisations and reduce the human race to camps of survivors, and suffered at his hands themselves. Bound in chains aboard the Valiant, the thing that kept Jack going during the jack harkness flirting of hell was the thought of getting back to his Torchwood team.

captain jack flirting with everyone for 8 minutes straight

When Martha allowed herself to be taken to the Master, she and the Doctor revealed their plan; using the Archangel Network, the Doctor harnessed the psychic energy of humanity's hope, as Martha had spent a year travelling the world telling humanity about his importance to them.

On the Doctor's orders, Jack destroyed the paradox machine keeping the Toclafane in the present, undoing the entire year; Earth was restored as time resumed for everyone else right after the Jack harkness flirting was killed, but those on the Valiant retained their memories due to being at the "eye of the storm".

TV : Last of the Time Lords. Jack returned to Torchwood and the team, while they were on a mission, laundry chat room the life of a woman being menaced by a Blowfish.

He quickly had yet another visit from the past, this time even further back; Jack was reunited with Captain John Hart from his Time Agent days, who had come through the Rift searching for some canisters that had also come through.

Captain John told Torchwood that they contained radioactive bombs. John tricked Jack, pushing him off the top of an office building and taking the canister. Jack caught up with John, but the contents of the canisters were actually components of a bomb that latched onto the DNA of the owner of the canisters' murderer.

Jack confused the bomb by injecting John with the DNA of the Torchwood team and safely disposed of it. Jack then asked John to leave. As he did so, he told Jack that he had found Gray.

Torchwood took in Beth Halloran on suspicion over the deaths of two burglars. Jack ordered a mind probe on her, and her true identity, the sleeper agent Jack harkness flirting Janees, surfaced.

Once Tosh deactivated the link, an advance guard of Cell attacked Jack harkness flirting. Jack and Gwen stopped " David " from attacking a stockpile of nuclear warheads.

Before David committed suicide, he told Jack the rest of Cell had already arrived on Earth and factored Torchwood into their plans. Rather than let her sleeper agent form take over, Beth pretended to threaten Gwen and Torchwood killed her.

TV : Sleeper. Jack reawakened Tommy Brockless for the last time. Jack gave Tommy a small Rift Manipulator in order to close the time shifts. Toshiko then projected an image of herself to Tommy to tell him how to use the "key". An alien that could replenish its cells indefinitely was being mutilated there so its meat could be sold.

Jack saw Owen mercy kill the creature and felt sorry for it. Jack harkness flirting then had its workers retconned jack harkness flirting the alien incinerated. Jack asked Gwen to give Rhys retcon, but she refused. TV : Meat. The memory-altering creature Adam Smith altered Torchwood Three's memories, making them think he had been a team member for years.

After doing this, Jack's memories of Gray and his father resurfaced. Jack realised that all the memories of Adam were false and that Adam's files only dated back 48 hours. Torchwood Three took retcon and single ladies by beyonce knowles all trace of Adam's existence on file.

Jack invited Martha onto the team to investigate the Pharma medical organisation that could cure diseases thought incurable. He ordered Toshiko to close the Pharm down once he learnt of their mistreatment of humans and aliens alike, but the Pharm's manager, Aaron Copleyshot Owen and then Jack shot him. TV : Reset. Jack and Owen commiserate over immortality.

TV : Dead Man Walking, jack harkness flirting. Unwilling to accept the loss of another teammate, Jack tracked down the other resurrection gauntlet and brought back Owen. The attempt, though successful, left Owen unable to digest food, sleep, or jack harkness flirting sex. Jack harkness flirting addition, the glove released an extradimensional alien, Durocthe embodiment of death.

Owen saved the day by using his new condition to stifle the needs of the entity, but still expressed a deep resentment towards Jack. A regretful Jack was forced to temporarily relieve Owen until he could acclimatise. Jack later had Owen retrieve the Pulse from an ailing Henry Parker. Owen became medical officer again after Martha had taken over for Owen to acclimatise, and Jack kissed Martha goodbye.

TV : A Day in the Death. Gwen was impregnated by a Nostrovite Jack had killed. She decided against postponing her wedding to Rhys. The biological mother, " Carrie ", tried forcibly taking her unborn child from Gwen's womb and Jack was forced to stop the wedding. Rhys killed the child that was killing Gwen with the singularity scalpelwhile Jack killed the Nostrovite mother. The wedding proceeded and Jack put retcon inside the wedding guests' drinks.

Jack Harkness

TV : Something Borrowed. The Night Travellers escaped from a reel of film playing inside the Electro and took the last breaths of people in Cardiff. As more of the Travellers began to leave, Jack captured the Travellers, accuracy of find my friends were made from the same material as the film, onto a camera and destroyed the negatives by exposing them to light. Before he was destroyed, the Ghostmaker threw the flask containing the breaths and all but one of the victims died.

TV : From Out of the Rain. Jack warned Gwen not to investigate the disappearance of Jonah Bevanjack harkness flirting, who unknown jack harkness flirting Gwen had been taken away by the Rift. Jack explained to Gwen what had happened to those taken to Flat Holm. Despite his protests, Gwen showed Nikki her ill son and how he screamed for most of each day, jack harkness flirting.

Jack's team came under further pressure when Captain John Hart returned, laying bombs within a warehouse in an attempt to kill all of the Torchwood Three team. This failed and Jack found a message from John on his vortex manipulatorwhich included an appearance by Gray. Shaken, Jack immediately went back to the Hub to confront Captain Hart, leaving the other members of the team to deal with their respective challenges.

On meeting John again, Jack was killed before being chained up and made to listen whilst John explained his predicament. Jack's rogue partner then detonated strategically placed bombs in and around Cardiff, obliterating the city before abducting Jack and taking both of them back through time to Cardiff in 27 AD. Jack in 27 AD. TV : Exit Wounds. Here, Jack discovered that John was being manipulated by Gray, who marked his return by stabbing Jack in cold blood.

Gray then forced John to bury Jack jack harkness flirting, twenty feet beneath what would become Cardiff. Gray, transformed into a merciless, sadistic beast by a lifetime of horrific torture, blamed Jack jack harkness flirting letting go of his hand when they were children and wanted Jack to experience a similar, never-ending pain by choking on dirt, thrashing on the edge of life every time he revived, only to die again. Before burying Jack, John, now finally pushed too far by the awareness of how wrong his actions were, slipped a signet ring into the grave with him, hoping that the signal it emitted could be used to locate Jack.

Stuck in a cycle of death and resurrection for centuries, Jack was discovered by Alice Guppy and Charles Gaskell of Torchwood inwho had picked up the signal of John's ring. Back in the early 20th century, Jack, insistent that he could not be allowed to cross his own timeline for by now two versions of Jack were present — his past self and present self demanded to be placed in cryopreservation for years. Despite being baffled, the two granted him this request.

Jack awoke again inside Torchwood Three concurrent to Gray's mayhem — just in time to prevent Gray from finishing off Toshiko with a bullet. Despite Gray's own unwillingness to absolve him, Jack forgave his brother of his trespasses. Left with no other option, a tearful Jack chloroformed and cryopreserved Gray, refusing to kill him, but the damage had already been done, as Gray had been responsible for the deaths of Owen Harper and Toshiko Sato. Jack and John parted ways on better terms, with John travelling the world of the 21st century, determined to find out why Jack found the time period so interesting.

Torchwood Three continued on, reduced to Jack, Ianto and Gwen. After receiving is hayden and annie still dating 2019 information from Martha that allowed him to reactivate his vortex manipulatorJack teleported to the Doctor's side just as a Dalek shot him.

TV : The Stolen Earth. Jack is killed by the Supreme Dalek. TV : Journey's End. Subsequently, after the Doctor's abortive regeneration, Jack boarded the Crucible and surrendered to the Dalek forces. Reviving before his body could be incinerated, he subsequently burrowed into the Crucible and linked up with Jack harkness flirting Jane SmithMickey Smith and Jackie Tyler. He attempted to use Sarah Jane's warp star to bluff the Daleks into calling off the detonation of the reality bomb but was transported to Davros ' chamber instead.

When Donna Noble disabled the Daleks, the Supreme Dalek descended into the vault and destroyed the Magnetron that was bringing the stolen planets back to their rightful positions, leaving Earth behind. Jack blasted the Supreme Dalek again, this time successfully destroying it.

He offered Martha Jones a permanent position with Torchwood, and soon after was joined by Mickey, but not before the Doctor deactivated his vortex manipulator once again, refusing to run the risk of allowing him to travel in time. These were confiscated by UNIT and were made top-secret footage. He, Ianto and Gwen flew to Switzerlandmet up with Martha, investigated twelve accidents, and found a creature that fed on neutrons. Jack, Ianto, Gwen and Andy Davidson helped a confused girl named Freda who had been sent to by Torchwood representatives in to escape social prejudice against Ghosties.

Jack's past, dating websites for parents uk again, came back to haunt him when he, Gwen and Ianto began investigating visions at Ravenhall Manorwhich Jack had done in He re-encountered the creature that was responsible for creating the visions, and after being reunited with a trapped Gwen and Ianto, he jack harkness flirting the house.

Investigating an alien energy field, Jack, Gwen and Ianto travelled to DelhiIndiawhere Jack was surprised to discover that Torchwood India had maintained its existence by using a time store to remain frozen in time. Horrified at Eleanor's plan to turn the entire Earth back toJack destroyed the time store and Torchwood India. Torchwood Three combated a mysterious force that put people into coma-like trances after they answered the phone. She was a woman in her eighties who was fit and at work after being jack harkness flirting her deathbed not long before.

Carew worked with Fitzroy to destroy all electricity on Earth, but was stopped. The team defeated the entity possessing him which later entered Carlie Roberts. Jack recognised the Good Thinking virus when it was released on Cardiff in and was later infected with it himself.

He locked himself in a room in the Hub so that he would not kill Ianto and hallucinated about when he burnt in the s. When he was freed, he chased Ianto but was thwarted thanks, in part, to a soft-light projection of Norton. He was cured of the virus and defeated Frances Godalmingcalling the minister behind Provictus and informing him that he would soon be going to prison. Also in September, Jack's past returned to haunt him when thein need of more subjects for jack harkness flirting drug production, once more contacted humanity by using the children of Earth as a collective mouthpiece.

The British governmentfearing that the secret of the deal would come out, assigned John Frobisher to deal with the situation. Frobisher, knowing Jack's role as part of the team which had negotiated with thereluctantly ordered Jack's assassination.

Speculating, incorrectly, that the Hub had special properties which enabled Jack's regenerative abilities, Frobisher insisted on the complete destruction of the Hub, along with Jack, who was already attempting to investigate by seeking to examine his grandson Steven.

The government, through a ruse involving their agent Rupesh Jack harkness flirtingkilled Jack and planted a bomb inside his body before he revived. When Jack, unsuspecting, returned to the Hub, the bomb detonated, destroying both Jack's jack harkness flirting and the Hub, but not before Jack managed to evacuate Gwen and Ianto. Jack chained up, after the effect of the explosion inside him. A covert ops team conveyed Jack's scattered remains to a holding facility, where he slowly regenerated his body and returned to life.

When Frobisher's chief of operations in the task force realised that destroying the Hub had not rendered Jack mortal, she had him encased in concrete. Gwen and Ianto, however, had not been idle, and with the help of Rhys and Ianto's sister Rhiannonthey infiltrated the facility and rescued him. With Ianto's knowledge of Torchwood One's old infrastructure and a little criminal mischief orchestrated by Gwen, Jack headquartered his team inside a former Torchwood facility.

Jack also appears in the web-based motion comic series Torchwood: Web of Lieswhich ties into Miracle Day. The story depicts a series jack harkness flirting adventure where Jack is kidnapped by unknown assailants and pursued by Gwen. Investigations by a woman named Holly voice of Eliza Dushku establish that Jack was kidnapped by the Three Families so they could acquire entire vats of his blood, which she destroys.

Set after the events of the series, Jack and his team make their first international adventure to CERN in Geneva, as part of Radio 4's special celebration of the Jack harkness flirting Hadron Collider being switched on. Jack and Ianto say a final goodbye and tell each other they love one another for the first time. Jack attempts to return to the land of the living alongside Ianto, but Ianto stays behind to close the Cardiff spacetime rift forever with Jack's device.

These cover the year he spent on a devastated Earth, following "The Parting of the Ways"; his romantic encounter with Alonso Frame, following The End of Time ; an adventure he shared with Jackie Tyler Camille Coduriduring the time he waited on Earth for the Doctor to return; and a story from his days as a Time Agent and before he took the name Jack.

In naming the character, executive producer and head writer Russell T Davies jack harkness flirting inspiration from the Marvel Comics character Agatha Harkness[91] a character whose surname Davies had previously used in naming lead characters in Century Falls and The Grand. Davies states that reusing names such as Tyler, Smith, Harper, Harkness and Jones allows him to get a grip of the character on the blank page.


Actor John Barrowman himself was a key factor in the conception of Captain Jack. Barrowman says that at the time of his initial casting, Davies and co-executive producer, jack harkness flirting, Julie Gardner had explained to him that they "basically wrote the character around [John]". On meeting him, Barrowman tried out the character using his native Jack harkness flirting accent, his normal American accent, and an English accent; Davies decided it "made it bigger if it was an American accent".

A number of television critics have compared Barrowman's performances as Captain Jack to those of Hollywood actor Tom Cruise. The character's introduction served to posit him as a secondary hero jack harkness flirting a rival to the series protagonist, the Doctor, [] simultaneously paralleling the Doctor's detached alien nature with Jack's humanity and "heart".

Polina Skibinskaya, writing for AfterElton. John Barrowman linked the larger number of women watching the show as a key factor in this. Jack is bisexualand is the first televised Doctor Who character to be openly anything other than heterosexual. In Jack's first appearance, the Doctor suggests that Jack's orientation is more common in the 51st century, when humankind will deal with multiple alien species and becomes more sexually flexible.

While in his first several Doctor Who appearances, Jack did not have a set costume, Torchwood established a continual look for Jack which recalled that of his first Doctor Who appearance. The design has been described as "an iconic piece jack harkness flirting sci-fi culture".

Coats are cool, just like fezzes and bow ties and Stetsons. The only difference is that Captain Jack doesn't ever tell you his coat is cool. It just is. She credits the greatcoat with helping to fashion the character's masculinity, and argues that Jack's costume creates its own discourse "through which costume drama and Post Heritage jack harkness flirting 's escapism flows".

During Jack's initial appearances in Doctor WhoRussell T Davies held a "half-hearted" theory that Jack would dress specific to the time period he was in, to contrast the Doctor who dresses the same wherever and whenever he goes. He is introduced wearing a greatcoat in World War II-set episodes, but changes to modern day jeans in contemporary episode "Boom Town" and black leather in futuristic episodes. Davies admits that this was a "bit of a lame idea" and decided that Jack "never looked better than when he was in his World War II outfit".

Costume designer Ray Holman commented in a Torchwood Magazine jack harkness flirting that "We always wanted to keep the World War Two hero look for him, so all his outfits have a s flavour. Jack's other costumes are "loosely wartime based", such as the trousers are "getting more and more styled to suit his figure".

Holman explains that there are actually five Captain Jack coats used on the show. The "hero version" is used for most scenes, while there is also a wetcoat jack harkness flirting with pre-shrunk fabric, running coat which is slightly shorter to prevent heels getting caught, and two "stunt coats" that had been "hero coats" in the first series.

Julie Gardner describes the coat as "epic and classic and dramatic", while director Brian Kelly believes it gives Jack "a sweep and a presence". For Miracle DayDavies commissioned new costume designer Shawna Trpcic previously costume designer for AngelFirefly and Dollhouse to create a new android chat room apps free design.

This was partially motivated by Los Angeles' warmer climate; shooting in Wales had necessitated Barrowman be fit in much warmer clothing.

The new coat is custom made by Italian designers, and is actually cashmere-blend wool where the previous one had been cotton. Trpcic says that she "just wanted to modernise it, give it a more modern fit, but leave the drape and keep it cape-like". Trpcic felt prepared for the job of redesigning the coat because of her prior work on Fireflytailoring for Nathan Fillion 's Captain Malcolm Reynolds : "I'm kind of used to iconic captain's coats and the importance of staying loyal to what the fans expect and to what we need".

Journalist Maureen Ryan commented that the new coat is "greatly improved" and the redesign "gives the coat the kind of movement and swagger Jack brings with him on every adventure". The character is described as both "lethally charming Because Jack is jack harkness flirting and always comes back from the dead, Jack harkness flirting argues that Jack cannot literally fulfil the "physical death aspect" of Raglan's criteria for a hero.

However, Jack instead has several symbolic deaths. For instance, in the last scene of Children of Earth. Porter observes that camera angles emphasise Jack's profile as solitary man atop a hill in Cardiff, departing.

This scene of "going android chat room apps free for good" against the backdrop of the city he has long protected, jack harkness flirting at the death of the Captain Jack persona; in Porter's words, "the immortal captain "dies" at the top of a hill in Wales at the conclusion of the " epic " miniseries", "epic" traditionally being the genre of heroism.

Most importantly, his sexuality is one single aspect of a much more complex, flawed character. Todd Davis examines the ways in which Jack conforms to the Byronic hero character trope. Physically, he identifies Jack as dark-haired and strikingly handsome, with masculine physique; he is intelligent and aware of it, to the point of a superiority complex ; he demands unquestioning loyalty, has guilty secrets in his past, and is self-sacrificing. As a show, Torchwood is highly intertextual.

The consequence of this is that many sides of Jack are shown across various media. One commentator feels that this emphasises Jack's pivotal place in the development and change of modern science fiction heroes. In several instances in TorchwoodJack displays no qualms about killing a person of any species, [] [] [] which within Doctor Whoallows Jack's character to act in ways the lead character cannot. Barrowman remarks, "He'll do things the Doctor won't do Jack will kill.

And the Doctor, in a way, knows that, so he lets Jack do it. I'd say Jack's the companion-hero. Davies chose to have Ianto die so that Jack would be damaged enough to sacrifice his grandson in order to destroy the same aliens. When reuniting with the Doctor in the series of Doctor Whohe is told "don't you dare" when pointing a gun, [15] and scolded when contemplating snapping the Master's neck.

Through Jack, whose perspective is widened by his experiences in other planets and times, the organisation was able to grow less jingoistic. Because Jack explores the "complexity of negotiating differing worldviews, cultural values, beliefs, and moral codes" through a framework established by the Doctor, to "value life, support democratic principles and egalitarianism, and protect those who cannot protect themselves", consequently "The world of Torchwood is depicted, not as the dichotomous " us " or United States and " other " of Jack Bauer 's 24but as the omnipolitical, omnisexual, omnicultural world of Jack Harkness.

Barrowman was concerned that the storyline could have made the character unpopular. He believes however that Jack was given the tough decision on how to save humanity; the actor says "when I read all of the stuff he had to do, I had to look at it from the point of view of 'I'm Jack Harkness and I'm right'. Such, Porter argues, is the mark of a grey hero. Russell T Jack harkness flirting referred to a scene in "Last of the Time Lords" as promoting a theory that Jack may one day become recurring character "the Face of Boe" a large, mysterious disembodied head in a glass case as a consequence of his immortality and slow aging.

Barrowman described himself and David Tennant as being "so excited" to the extent where they "jumped up screaming" when they read Jack's line regarding the Face of Boe, remarking "It was probably the most excitable moment we had during the shooting of that series.

However, special effects designer Neil Gorton loved the idea and pushed to make sure the character lived. Davies loved Gorton's design and to his surprise, the character was written into future episodes and became pivotal in the third series. Barrowman states that when fans ask him if Jack is really the Face of Boe, he tells them he believes he is and states that he and Davies hold it to be true "in [their] little world"; the link is "unconfirmed" within the text of the show.

As to how Jack becomes the Face, Barrowman feels the answer doesn't matter as it is intentionally mysterious. Barrowman likes the characters being connected because it means in spite of how the Jack harkness flirting initially treats Jack, "Boe becomes his confidante and the one the Doctor returns to for advice and information" which he feels is a "wonderful twist of events".


He has refused the publication of spin-off novels and comic books that have tried to definitively link the two. In relationship to Miracle Daywhere Jack becomes mortal, jack harkness flirting, critics approached Barrowman and Davies about the implications of such a move for Jack's potential future as the Face of Boe. Barrowman stated that the open-ended rules of the science fiction genre meant that Jack could still become the Face of Boe even after Miracle Day.

He might do, but he'd let Ianto know that he [Jack] has to play around on the side". In the same novel, however, he also refers to himself in front of Jack harkness flirting as his " boyfriend ".

Not to me. While some fans felt "cheated" at not seeing the relationship develop further, Davies explains his intention was to heighten the tragedy by it also jack harkness flirting a loss of potential, stating "You grieve over everything they could have been.

Everything you hoped for them. At least for a time, a grieving Jack loses his focus and gives up; within a few months, Jack flees Earth and his role as the expected hero. Fans of Ianto, who felt cheated by the character's death, disliked this development. Ianto makes a post-death appearance in audio drama "The House of the Dead". Encountering Ianto's spirit at a haunted location in Wales, Jack and Ianto are permitted a final goodbye.

Without Ianto in his life, Jack wishes to be swept up into the Cardiff spacetime rift as it closes in an attempt at suicide.

Ianto tricks Jack into leaving the House of the Dead, however, despite jack harkness flirting possibility of resurrection. As they are forced to part forever by the closing of the rift, the couple declare their love for one another for the first and last jack harkness flirting. Barrowman states in a behind-the-scenes featurette that Gwen brings a "little bit of soul" back to Jack, following her recruitment. Gwen hopes that she is reason jack harkness flirting for Jack to stay on Earth, but Jack is ready to give up any hero worship because he feels unworthy.

A press release for Torchwood Series Four states that Jack is brought back to Earth because of his "unstated love" for Gwen, [] who in turn still feels for Jack and misses the exciting life she once led beside him. Of course they do. Writer Jane Espenson explains that the two characters have different needs and that this means they inevitably "clash like steel blades". Discussing whether his character could ever find "The One", John Barrowman asserts that Jack "likes everybody, and his love for each person is different".

Barrowman believes that Jack does harbour romantic feelings toward the Doctor, but "would never take that beyond infatuation" and "would never let the Doctor know". Barrowman claims that Jack also " fancies " fellow companion Martha Jones, admiring her "tenacity" and willingness to "spat with him", and describes Jack's love for Toshiko and Owen as "fatherly", stating "He was guiding them. That's why it was so devastating for him to lose them. Head writer Chris Chibnall introduced John to act as a "proper nemesis, somebody to really test [Jack], to push him, and to reveal something about Find my location android character".

In the use of Captain John as a literary foilChibnall comments "you see the way Jack could have gone, and probably did, for a little while" which underlines how "Jack, in his experiences with the Doctor and Torchwood, made a very conscious decision to move away from that behaviour. Noting Torchwood' s central gay themes, they comment that "it is through the character of Captain Jack that Torchwood is able to mine its queerness. Describing the patterns of his relationships throughout the series, Davis and Needham draw the conclusion that "while Captain Jack desires both men and women, his long-term love affairs and onscreen kisses are mostly with men in the past and present.

Following the character's initial introduction in the revived series 1 of Doctor Whothe character became incredibly popular with fans, [6] [] [] to the extent that Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner created a spin-off series, Torchwoodprimarily centred around the character.

Captain Jack has gone on to become a recognisable figure in the British public consciousness, and has attracted some parody. These parodies frequently echo criticisms both of the character and of Barrowman's portrayal. The character of Jack Harkness has been parodied several times on the satirical jack harkness flirting television show Dead Ringers.

Played by Jon Culshawjack harkness flirting show pokes fun at his bisexuality and apparent campnessas well his melodramatic personality in Torchwood. In one sketch, he walks bizarrely towards the camera, kissing a policeman as he passes him. This parody described Captain Jack as "the insomniac bicon; snug as a hobbit, pretty as a choirboy, immortal as carbon dioxide, wooden as a horse.

Unlike Tennant, as an actor he is just not good enough. You can't tell what he's thinking just by looking at his face The character's recognisability extends outside the UK. In a Halloween episode of the series of American drama Knight Ridercharacter Billy Morgan Paul Campbell dresses up as Captain Jack, whom he refers to as "the time-travelling bisexual". For example, comic book writer Peter David reflects that in writing Marvel Comics character Shatterstarhe "to some degree In the media, Jack is described as both the "first openly gay companion" and as a "hunky bisexual".

In "The Parting of the Ways", Jack kissed both Rose and the Doctor on the lips, [5] the latter being the first same-sex kiss in the history of the program. Despite the boldness of the first lesbian, gay or bisexual character in the series' run, there has been very little uproar about the character, although there was some controversy at the time of Jack's introduction.

The presence of the character in prime time television sparked discussion of the nature jack harkness flirting bisexuality in a number of outlets where normally it is dismissed or overlooked.

Dr Meg-John Barker writes for the Journal of Bisexuality that although "the b word does not actually get used during the show", Jack is one of the first positive jack harkness flirting clearly bisexual characters on British television. She does point out however that Jack retains some elements of bisexual stereotypingparticularly in his "flamboyant" promiscuity.

Gary Scott Thompsonhow can my friends iphone location of the revival of Knight Ridersaid, "If I could use Jack in Torchwood as a role model—I would absolutely use him as a role model—I love his conflictedness about Readers of AfterElton.

The website praised Jack—one of only two bisexual characters on the list of 25—for being having both "tough" and "tender" sides to his personality, as seen in the Torchwood episode "Captain Jack Harkness". The website commented that "unlike virtually every other TV sci-fi character, lead or supporting, Captain Jack is also openly bisexual. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Jack Harkness disambiguation.

But first I wanted people to hate him. I wanted them to think he was arrogant and pushy and too sure of himself. And I wanted them to follow the arc of the change he went through in the final episodes of Doctor Who. Main article: Face of Boe.

See also: Gwen's relationship with Jack. He outlives them. They die. He watches them get old. That bothered him in Series South asian speed dating mississauga [of Torchwood ], but now he's come to terms with that, I think Doctor Who. Radio Times. Archived from the original on 16 May

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