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His son, however, sought to start a pen-making business with a family member. The newer nibs barely lasted years before rust took a hold, but nibs that are over years old look as new now as they did when they were produced! I also wish to state that I am always on the look out for new nibs to add to my collection or research.

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The steel is almost platinum in color and the grind is very carefully polished. I have further compared this nib to other Jackson Stubs from other old boxes as well as cross referenced to other nibs from similar eras. All this evidence together helps me make an educated guess on age. With that said, if you have any nibs you would like to be dated, please send me an email with as much detail about the nib s and I will happily give you my educated opinion dating esterbrook pens no charge.

Finally we get to a more personal dating system. This was termed 'Ground-Point. This became known as 'Groove-Point. The first type of 'grinding' was artful in nature.

Is There Any Way To Date An Esterbrook?

It was done in 2 steps. Then they horizontally ground across to make a very polished look.

Review of Esterbrook Fountain Pens, forgotten American Pen Maker

The end result was very fashionable. The effect, when reflected in light, is a very interesting pattern. Some companies even made interesting shapes out of the gravity feed and then accented those shapes with clever, skillful grinds. Arguably the most sought after dating esterbrook pens in the world. Although, I have yet to see such practices done on an Esterbrook nibs.

I have seen these grind spots get smaller and smaller, and less carefully placed. In consequence the grinder was 'fired.

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Eventually all companies succumbed to this practice as the fountain pen took over completely. Honestly, after much testing I have found that if the groove pointing was done with great care and skill it can almost match the hand-ground tips.

To better illustrate this discussion, please click on any of the 4 images above to see a detail of Dating esterbrook pens vs Ground point. Below are 2 charts that I made illustrating points there were made earlier in this discussion; such as box type and company stamp.

This information is constantly changing as soon as new evidence is obtained. Click to send an email.


Also, as of this writing I am awaiting an old Philadelphia box of nibs and will include any new dating esterbrook pens I derive from it. To the right of each name variation is a brief 'trivia' fact in regards to the specific stamped names. If anything this is one of the most accurate forms of dating these particular nibs. Esterbrook made over 30 different nibs covering a wide variety of uses, from accounting to penmanship to general writing. This allows you to have a single pen with several different writing styles by simply swapping out nibs as needed.

Most Esterbrooks you find today will be one of these.


The Esterbrook Company began using the metal Iridium which they called "Durachrome". In war had come to strike a blow at the Esterbrook company. In Esterbrook bought out John Mitchell which dating esterbrook pens been established in as the World's first manufacturer to cut nibs by machine and then acquired Hazell Pen Co.

The company re-formed again as "The Esterbrook Pen Company". Some time after that, Gay dating salem ceased production dating esterbrook pens dip pen nibs permanently.

The post war dating esterbrook pens had seen a decline particularly in the export trade to the traditional markets of the British Empire. As those countries gained independence due to American aid, they had more dollars to spend in the United States than pounds in the United Kingdom. Esterbrook continued to thrive until the beginning of when it started to see a decline in export trades with England.

In the Esterbrook Empire was bought out by the Venus Pencil Company and thus the name changed to "Venus Esterbrook", which continued to produce replacement nibs for fountain pens. There were numerous administrative changes and moves and eventually their final base of operations was vacated inthough the building still stands today.

Venus Esterbrook would be finally taken over by Berol in[5] [7] [8] all Esterbrook operations ceased. Esterbrook pens were among those used by Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson to sign legislation. The famous Disney artist Carl Barks was an enthusiastic user of Esterbrook pens. Part of the Anderson Pens network. Like us on Facebook! Long scorned by collectors enamored of more glamorous marques, Esterbrooks have come into their own in recent years.

Made for the economy market and a favorite among students, Esterbrook pens and the scarcer pencils were consistently well-made and innovative. They are particularly appreciated among writers for their user-interchangeable Renew-Point nib units.

Dating esterbrook pens [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)