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Can evolution and the story of Adam and Eve be true? Yet I've heard some family out on a ranch homeschools their kids a nd studys it at home and the lady use to be involved in California? And only when you finish the course - maybe paying more - you can have back your passport? My second.

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We hope to see you as a part of our community soon! Top Posters. Locked Sticky. RexApr 26, Replies: 0 Views: 4, Rex Apr 26, Holy scriptures?

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KammarherrenSep 16, Replies: 0 Views: Kammarherren Sep 16, Replies: 7 Views: 3, Druac Oct 30, Yes you understand how limited mind have the management Inside the church, any question you ask is punished with a deep investigation if it is a bit different of the management intentions. But im not against scientology, because scientology philosophy is right and well functioning in elevation the people, im only telling you that scientology chat room Scientoloy Philosophy right and Scientolgy Church wrong hight prices, changing pieces of hubbard writes, direct punishment, and so on.

You know that when you go in US for some advanced courses you stay without your passport?

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And only when you finish the course - maybe paying more - you can scientology chat room back your passport? This is totally illegal in US and scientology chat room. This work the church. So you think if it is possible to have a chat room I know that 2 people staff of the church are reading your question, and they are the only people in the Church in all the world authorized to read and answer in Internet but maybe im wrong, maybe the 2 people are really just one with different names.

There's no real difference between talking about Xenu and the 26 planet galactic confederation and alien ghosts or talking about Stargate so why not just try syfy. Probably, but you should stay as far away from it as you possibly can. Do you not know how to use a search engine?

Is Jada Pinkett Smith a Scientologist? The Shade Room Goes In!

Existing questions. Related Questions Are there any chat rooms for Scientologists? Yeah, you sure do go to a Polytech school without ever having lerned2internet and posted on a forum before. XD Or that you don't even know the name of the course you're taking? Or how about the fact you go to the school where the CoS cult representative just gave a talk last week? If in fact you were taking a class like that, I am sure you would have gone.

But benefit of the doubt, right? Your school's offered classes are all accessible scientology chat room.

California Polytech's religious studies department doesn't offer a history of religion class. Care to try again? I'm going to attempt to answer what questions you have here. Some may agree, some may disagree, but I hope this helps you out. BoneFeb 19, Thanks Bone for all your insight, It was scientology chat room helpful, do you mind me asking if you are still or are you ExScientologist?

I'm emphatically an Ex. I just wanted to give as much unbiased info as I could to you. Plus I just like writing.

Is there a scientology chat room?

I dare you to ask a Scientologist the same questions

Scientology chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)