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Asking a mechanic online is a quick and convenient way to resolve many auto repair questions by yourself or at least give you a clearer picture of the problem before you bring down your vehicle to the repair shop. LiveChat will patch the customer through to the right person. Most of these auto technicians work at dealerships or repair shops during the day and answer questions at night. Ask a mechanic online using the form below or click here for my full JustAnswer review. Car AC Check - How to check car ac for manual air conditioning or climate control systems.

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Typically, the higher the question value, the quicker the question gets picked up by an Expert. Remember, these are real live Professionals you are dealing with so please be patient with them as they are helping you with your question. First it auto repair chat room save you a ton of money by avoiding costly repair bills by your local dealership. Many times there are very quick fixes for certain things depending on the problem you are having.

There would be no need to bring your vehicle into a shop and pay them 90 bucks an hour to diagnose something simple when you can do it from home using a few basic tools. Second reason is because a lot of problems on cars are talked about and covered under a Technical Service Bulletin or TSB.


If a Technician has come across a problem once, it is likely that they will come across the same problem on the same vehicle. This is when a TSB comes in handy. A Technical Service Bulletin is an instruction issued by manufacturer, about a specific repair issue on a particular year, make ad model vehicle.

Think of it as a midpoint between a normal repair attempt and a Recall.


If enough people complain about the same problem with their vehicles, the manufacturer may issue a Technical Service Bulletin. The verified Experts on Just Answer have access to all of these Technicians Service Bulletins for each year make and model vehicle. In addition, they can let you know if there has been any recalls on your vehicle that may or may not be related to your concern. I'll provide my professional advice to your auto problems.

Simply fill in the questionnaire form here and press submit, then make the payment by clicking the "Donate" button below and auto repair chat room the prompts. Ask now and get the answers to your questions.

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Blog at WordPress. Quick answers and good automotive customer service is key to increasing conversions in your dealership. Using custom chat invitations, you will be able to engage visitors who are almost ready to make a purchase and answer any remaining questions to make a sale.

Customers who use live chat on our site are 4. Offer expert automotive customer service Answer questions about a auto repair chat room car or automotive part and clear the way to checkout. Read the story. Automotive customer service for all departments All departments in your dealership — from sales, through repairs, to loans — will be able to use LiveChat to help customers.

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Extra lanes for your automotive customer service One chat agent is able to handle the same amount of work as phone agents by chatting with several customers at the same time. As your agents get better at chatting, they will be able to handle even more chats at a time. Make bigger automotive sales with LiveChat Quick answers and good automotive customer service is key to increasing conversions in your dealership.

Dealerships for these brands use LiveChat daily for automotive sales.

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