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The group is filled with disciplined traders that you newer traders can learn a lot from! This Live and Free Event Reveals : How I transformed myself from an employee to being my own boss and how you can too, even with no experience! I also own rental real estate that has earned me rental income and steady profits for years, I paid a Real Estate Broker that specializes in rental property to find the property. Each week brings in a new podcast episode designed to get you motivated in trading stocks for profit, along with a newsletter that includes the newest in option trading and stock information.

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Okay there we go.

ClayTrader Review

So we're just gonna keep on moving this thing down, and let's see how much it wants to actually give us. Or give me I guess, I don't have a mouse in my pocket or anything like that. Us as in viewers, I suppose, since hopefully this is a viewing experience and you feel like you're next to me or whatever.

So us as in you and I, no mouse or anything like that in my pocket. It's definitely starting to show some signs of strength here, there we go, I'd like to, I wanted to try to get it down below.

And I am out atso made over a dollar per share on that one, and like I said I am a little crusty right now, because, let me point that out, as you saw, I wanted, I wanted, there we go, I wanted shares, but as you see, I only got clay trader chat room, and now in hindsight I got probably a little too tight with my stop.

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So a final few things here, hopefully you enjoyed that. First thing, and you can either trust me, if not that's fine, you can just go back in the video, but you'll see that I actually put in my alert a couple minutes after I typed in the chatroom. So I made the alert atwe already talked about that time, but if you were to go back and look at the trading video you'd see that I put my alert in at about give or take a little bit.

So right then and there you can see that yeah, just because I put an alert in the room doesn't mean that I'm hopping in right that second. It also is not like a lot of other chatrooms out there where people get their position first and then alert it to everybody, so that they're at the front, and everybody else piles in. I clay trader chat room get various responses from Clay, all very cordial and very well crafted.

My responses were also cordial. Is this clay trader chat room so outrageous? During March and April, I turned up the heat a little bit. I next began to send cordial requests for trading performance using different email addresses, coming from different IP addresses.

The purpose of this is attempt to see if the trading vendor will change the message, change the website, or respond in conflicting ways. I have to say, to much my chagrin, Clay stayed on message and responded exactly the same, over and over again, to many different personas. In addition to Clay staying on message and not attempting to bullshit me, I also followed his blog and read everything that he published into the trading community.

I certainly do enjoy poking Clay Trader about not disclosing trading performance.

Clay Trader: Day Trading Platform Review

However, I cannot poke any holes in his blog where he posts a whole host of very useful trading information. No specific trading advice, but lot of good advice in general. All well written, well researched, and certainly deserves a lot of credit. On April 29,I got slapped. I am pretty sure that my constant poking and harassing of Clay, from many different personas and angles probably inspired Clay to create the video.

Live Stock Trading - How Chatroom Alerts Work‏

What is included in the video? I have embedded the video below.


Fair enough. This is flawed thinking, on many levels. Let me explain…Firstly, I own mutual funds and someone manages these funds, thus providing trading signals and giving me expert guidance. I wait the answer. I had the opportunity to be in both courses and both are good. Does the videos of the CTU are interactive like robotic trading?


Do you have tests in the CTU? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Trading Chat Clay trader chat room. ClayTrader Review. Summary Clay Trader is a hub for traders, online investors, and like-minded individuals. Visit The Official Website. Contents What Is Clay Trader? Join Our 1 Recommended Trading Community. Last modified: December 8, Learn More.

What is The Inner Circle? Clay helps subscribers focus on two main aspects of day trading: 1. In Play These are stocks which are predicted to do well during the trading day. Coming To These are stocks which start to look promising throughout the trading day. Forums The General Forums cover anything and everything related to the markets.

Power Scans Weekly Newsletter This is a weekly update on market trends, stocks to watch and other need-to-know trading info. The vast majority of posts have quite a few comments. Podcasts Clay single ladies beyonce knowles his team have a pretty large gallery of podcasts available at any time for subscribers.

Who is the Clay behind Clay Trader? His reliance on emotion-free trading, and emphasis on learning the fundamentals of technical trading with charts can quite literally pay off big-time. His blog section. The selection of blogs is large and top quality.

If you prefer to learn primarily by reading, this site will be appealing. The community. The Clay Trader community is friendly and eager to share their knowledge. While the information in the newsletter is solid and actionable, the format leaves a bit to be desired.

New traders will likely be confused by the info-rich but label-light graphs. Clay seems to reach a bit near the clay trader chat room of his Resource section. I feel recommendations such as office chairs and stock market set movies are only there to fill space on the page. Clay does not actively trade. This Free Event Reveals : How I transformed myself from an employee to being my own boss and how you clay trader chat room too, even with no experience! Thursday - Aug 1st - pm est.

This comes with good reason. Putting yourself in a productive environment can truly add a whole new dimension to your trading toolbox as I discuss in this stock trading chat room blog article.

Clay trader chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)