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Every room are in fact hosted on the Firechat server and need an Internet connection to communicate with. I recently discovered the existence of Firechat when I heard that it was being used by thousands of protester during the ongoing "Umbrella Revolution" in Hong Kong. Using wireshark and filtering on the IP of my Android phone, I was able to determine that Firechat is sending message to two different IPs:. Firechat is published under the MIT license.

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I was a bit confused as how the Everyone chatroom worked. Like the Nearby room, it allows to communicate with people around you but at a much larger scale.

Based on your IP address, it will connect you with firechat chat rooms users from the same country as you which is inconvenient because if you use a VPN like me Firechat will connect you with the users whom their IPs are in the same country than the outer end of the tunnel.

Let's get our hand dirty and see how it works from a network point of view.

Socket Chatroom server - Creating chat application with sockets in Python

firechat chat rooms Obviously, the Nearby room is the most interesting since it involves an original mean of communication called "adhoc networks". Nearby communication requires that either or both WiFi and Bluetooth interface to be turned on. Firechat does not enable the bluetooth interface automatically so it need to be manually turned on and set visible to every device by default it is only visible to paired device. This can be done in the setting like the two following image :.

From my Laptop, I use the awesome blucat tool to scan and interact with the channels like netcat but for bluetooth :.

FireChat brings private group chat to its off-grid messaging service

I tried to connect to the last one called Firechat on bluetooth port 6 but I was not able to get any response from the application so I believe this is only a "beacon" to advertise the presence of a FireChat user to the neighborhood or maybe it is used to create multi-hop route I don't really know. The second channel on bluetooth port 15 is more interesting because this is were the communication takes place. So let's first connect to it using the following blucat command blucat firechat chat rooms and see what happens when I send a message to the Nearby room from firechat chat rooms Firchat application in order to make a distinction between send and receive message, i append the [received] and [send] tags :.

This story, "FireChat hopes to tame trolls with make-your-own chat rooms" was originally published by TechHive. She covers Apple news, health and fitness technology, and anything wearable. FireChat 2. You open it up, pick a screen name, and start chatting. By default, you're dropped into FireChat's "Everyone" chatroom room which, as the world "Everyone" implies, is pretty noisy. However the other option, "Nearby," lets you chat with users who are within Wi-Fi or Bluetooth range—about 30 feet—even if you don't have any reception.

This means that you can chat with friends while camping, talk to other people on your subway car, or share photos on an airplane.

In effect, FireChat creates a small mesh network for local users.

FireChat hopes to tame trolls with make-your-own chat rooms

Block users at your discretion. Send private messages with end-to-end encryption. Store-and-forward updates when outside connection is resumed. Additionally, Firechat is easy to modify and extend.


Based upon it's simple underlying data model and Firebase -powered data synchronization, it's easy to add new features, modify the UI, and customize to fit your specific needs. If Firechat doesn't currently meet your needs, feel free to fork the repo and tweak the code! Firechat was built by the folks at Firebase in San Francisco, California.

Firechat chat rooms [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)