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Charisma Media reserves the right to modify or remove any comment that does not comply with the above guidelines and to deny access of your Disqus account to make additional comments to the website without any notice. Transitioning from Protestantism to the Orthodox Church a bit over a decade ago was for me a fairly…. In terms of a living relationship with these things the ancients were far more advanced than we are today, and this relationship is essentially the nature of religious inquiry. Thank you again for your support and I hope to see more of you in chat!

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Could you imagine if this was a conversation with a real theist looking for answers? Larry: You need to understand that we were insanely under siege from 4chan today and had to deal with christian atheist chat room many people as we could. There were lots of serious and sincere people in the queue so Peter made an assumption that you were giving him a hard time instead of being genuine.

Within the mire of 4chan mess we had a lot of people from here and it was genuinely lovely to talk to many of you. Just from my experience taking questions on TalkAtheist it seems like you have a wonderful community here and I will refer people to you in the future Already have to one person today.


I wonder if these chat systems are ever actually useful since it seems like ultimate fuel for trolls. I like the ex-christian.

Variety of people in there and rarely do we get trolls. I had a discussion with another operator of the site who claimed Peter dismissed me so quickly because the site was under siege from trolls of 4chan… The website at the time of my convo with peter only stated there were people in chats. I hope everything works out. I personally appreciate the fine folks at FriendlyAtheist for putting us on their front page and helping get out into the open a little bit more. I just wanted to reiterate for all concerned that the operators at TalkAtheist.

So, the mormon chat site is getting trolled by those folks at artoftrolling. Be sure not to hold an interactive chat-room that must give quick responses to the same standards of a forum where the people have the luxury to spend time to carefully craft the responses. Yea, I was gonna say that they probably assumed you were a troll after I read your conversation. You did seem to go a little too far out of your way to misinterpret; a bit past the point of believability.

The site sounds great though! Any chance to get people to know who atheists really are is a good one! I recognized you were a troll from the beginning of the conversation. I had things to do and you were trying to waste my time. God cannot lie, therefore God is not christian atheist chat room. Not so fast. This argument would be fantastic—devastating maybe—if God christian atheist chat room more of the ancient Greek god persuasion, where the gods themselves were subject to fate and limited to their specific roles in the cosmos.


The Orthodox doctrine of God is much different. Why is He good?

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Because He wills to be good. Why does He not lie? Because He wills to be honest.

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Why does God exist as Trinity? Because He wills it. He could just as easily will to not exist. And yes, He could just as easily will to lie.

Note: Due to the immense amount of discussion that this point has raised, one clarifying statement is worth noting. But in reality, such an argument winds up further solidifying what Christianity means by calling God all-powerful.

Pit this against tales of the Tooth Fairy, Santa, and Spaghetti Monsters and one finds the exact opposite: no testimony or religious refinement, no martyrs, no historical and geographical corroboration, etc. Instead, one south asian speed mississauga myths created intentionally for children, for point making, or for whatever.

Indeed, those ancient, ignorant people who believed in the virgin birth of Christ must have believed it because they did not possess the knowledge of how babies were born. The virgin birth of Christ was profound and of paramount concern to the ancients christian atheist chat room because they understood that conception was impossible without intercourse.

Ancient man considered the virgin birth miraculous, i. Indeed ancient people did not have the Hubble telescope, but they were able to see the night sky in full array, something almost no modern person can claim thanks to modern lighting which distorts our ability to see the full night sky. On average, ancient people lived much closer to nature and to the realities of life and death than many of us moderners.

In terms of a living relationship with these things the ancients were far more advanced than we are today, and this relationship is essentially the nature of religious inquiry. If people lack religious speculation today, maybe it is because they spend more time with their iphones and Macs then with nature. But christian atheist chat room claim that Christianity was viable in the ancient world because it was endorsed by wide spread ignorance is a profoundly ignorant idea.

Christianity arose in one of the most highly advanced civilizations in human history. However Chat allows people to be in more than one room at a time, so you can still chat while waiting for others to join you in Religion Chat.

Consider a thought experiment. Suppose you have a friend who doesn't get why people listen to music, read novels or christian atheist chat room fine food. He watches what you consider trashy TV and has no ambitions as regards career or romance.

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Unlike some atheist dating sites, we give you the freedom to get as serious or as informal as you like about your beliefs. Want to get into deep philosophical conversations? Want to keep things easy-going, and just not worry that an off comment about the Big Bang will be taken offensively? Jump over the uncertainty and right into the fun with our atheist chats, so you can talk about your interests, views, or show off your awesome sense of humor. Our atheist chat rooms are all christian atheist chat room flirty conversations and charming topics that get right to the heart of what matters — hanging with local or long distance atheists and having the time of your life.

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Christian atheist chat room Mehmet is regularly online, witnessing to other Turkish-speaking Muslims in Turkey and around the world in the same chat room where he came to faith. Life is tough in London for Mehmet. He lives with friends but needs to find a place of his own and a source of income. He hopes to take a course that will lead to a vocational qualification. Pray that Mehmet will continue faithfully with the Lord and grow in spiritual maturity. Great Resources to help you excel in !

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Christian atheist chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)