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Hey, everyone! I'm done with schoooooolllll Episode 21 : Setton tries to reassure Saika through PM's that certain events are not her fault, but Kanra shares more rumors about the increasing gang violence in the city.

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His good for nothing boyfriend slept in it as well. He remembered what the Greed-ler told him in a couple of weeks. It was durarara like chat room, but it was something like, "if you can dominate me, baby, then I'll make you pancakes topped with Marshmallow's.


That's kind of really awesome, ngl. You, my friend, are my hero. Another one already exists lol. Sparanoid :Could you teach me how to make a website like that please Love is filled with mystery. Mikaaa said: LOL I love it. Signature removed. Sparanoid Offline Joined: Oct Posts: 2.

Episode 08 : They talk about losing things and about dreams. Episode 12 : Kanra does not come online, and Setton has to leave before she is able to converse with TarouTanaka.


Episode 13 : The members talk about the increasing presence of the Yellow Scarves around the city. A troll called Saika enters the Chat Room and repeats the word 'cut.

Episode 14 : Kanra gossips about the Raira Academy students who were attacked by the slasher, and all of the members log off. Saika enters the chat and repeats the word 'Mother. Episode 15 : Kanra tells the others about the latest slasher victim.

Saika enters the chat, repeating the word 'cut.

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Setton tries to make conversation, and TarouTanaka wonders if Saika could be the slasher. Saika repeats the name Shizuo Heiwajima until they abruptly exit the chat room. Episode 16 : Setton logs in to see disjointed sentences and an offer from Saika to wait for Shizuo at South Ikebukuro Park. Episode 17 : Saika apologizes for the trouble she caused for the other Chat Room users.

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Durarara like chat room [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)