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Victoria konefal and robert scott wilson dating

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Now, back to Cin. Posted on: HollywoodLife. Share Tweet Pin it.

Victoria konefal and robert scott wilson dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

That was really sweet. But Rob? Yeah, we get along. Jun 21, Share Tweet Pin it. What were your first impressions of each other?

She has no problems. I got it for you! Many Soaps.

He was on a streak of terror that made me bristle. My favorite characters ever are the antiheroes; these unconventional guys who do good things but are bad dudes. On his first go-round on Days of our LivesWilson saw Ben transform from a boring good guy into a maniac killer.

Rob Scott Wilson & Victoria Konefal Interview - Day of Days 2018

The shift allowed the actor to show his range, but also knew it could be the end of his role on the soap opera. I could either look at it as that, or me being given the chance to add as much color to the story as I could.

I think that was really important in developing the relationship.


Wilson: Yeah. I appreciate it. I got nothing but love for the girl. You know? This guy did so many bad things and I knew my work was cut out for me trying to get these fans back on my side. I knew they loved what I did as this like roaring bad guy, but to be on the opposite side of the spectrum, I think it needed to be kind of a combination as far as the lining between Ron and the team writing it and our work in the actual scene.

ICYMI: DAYS's Victoria Konefal & Robert Scott Wilson Interview

What about Ben is compelling Ciara in his direction? We just started.


This just started! Wilson: Yeah, the girl was asleep! The annual celebration, celebrating the 53rd anniversary of the series, gives diehard fans a chance to interact with the show's stars as well as get a glimpse into what's to come on the popular daytime serial.

The cast members of the popular daytime drama took over Universal City Walk on Saturday to talk about what's coming up on the sudser.

Victoria konefal and robert scott wilson dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)