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Amy and fik shun dating

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He wasn't dancing for himself. Updated May 15, at am. Fall TV Preview: Scoop on 40 of your favorite returning shows You won't be in those cities long enough to perform and see everything. Having Anna Kendrick comment that Amy is her favorite dancer on the show.

Amy and fik shun dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Erbert has a soft spot for amy and fik shun dating. Like any cat owner, she is a cat lover and is always ready to share a snap of a furry four-legged friend on social media. Her cat, Nugget, is a tabby. Lily is mostly white with some orange patches.

Happy Valentines Day! Happy National Cat Day! Read More From Heavy. By Effie Orfanides. Updated May 15, at am. View this post on Instagram. The judges praise the routine for its wonderful chemistry and grace. Later on, the judges announced that Amy was safe, eliminating Malece.

"We Are Bae Goals" - Dytto & Fik Shun

This week, Amy performed a Christopher Scott Contemporary group dance with all of the other top 10 contestants. She was safe this week, and continue in the competition.

The judges love the routine, complimenting Amy on her energy and smile.

Fikshun Audition

This week, Amy Yakima was to perform a dark Contemporary Mia Michaels group dance, where she had a special part, along with Tucker Knox. Meanwhile, Amy performed a Jazz Contemporary piece with all-star, Travis Wallwho also choreographs a dance. The two had already formed an obvious chemistry, which made the dance sensational. The judges give it a standing ovation, and compliment Amy on how she matured.

She also performed a Contemporary solo, to prove to the judges that she deserved to be in the finale.


The judges praise the routine for its cuteness and entertainment. The judges love the routine, complimenting on the chemistry and entertainment. The judges love the routine and compliment on the entertainment and technique. Amy later teams up with partner, Fik-Shun, for an intense Tango, choreographed by Miriam and Leonardo.

The judges like how Amy did, but critique Fik-Shun. Iconic dance : " I Can Transform Ya ".


What he's up amy and fik shun dating now : Ferguson is a dance teacher and currently doing Side Street Dancers. Iconic dance : " Collide ". What she's up to now : Froderman is a professional dancer in LA and was recently on tour with Excel in Motion. Iconic dance : " Turn To Stone ". What she's up to now : Moore has been on the Broadway scene for the past few years, starring in Fiddler on the RoofFinding Neverlandand currently Hello, Dolly!

Iconic dance : " Bang Bang ". What she's up to now : Girard continues to dance her way on stage, supporting artists such as Taylor Swift, Nas, and Helene Fischer.

Iconic dance : " Wicked Game ". Iconic dance : " After Party ". He also uploads some seriously amazing dance vids to Instagram! Iconic dance : " Oh Darling ". Iconic dance : " Panda ".

Fik-Shun Stegall

Amy and fik shun dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)